Entry #6


2015-07-21 19:43:51 by epiclyadept

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've last been on this site...

I feel so old looking at past comments and posts. I never thought I would have detected so much aging in simply three years.

Anyways: Although I haven't posted anything in this 'hiatus', I certainly have improved in terms of musical composition. Hopefully I'll be able to post some works on here if I have time. I'll add it to my bucket list. It certainly has been quite some time since my last... dare I say... piece?

It certainly is good to know i've improved nonetheless. If anyone reads this, have a nice day!


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2015-07-21 19:56:40

I Loved your "Dark Forest" song! That's some movie material right there! :D Maybe sometime you can check out my comedy art. Some of it's good some is just there.

(Updated ) epiclyadept responds:

Hello! Thank you for that compliment. I will say, my music has changed a lot since that time though. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a new piece today. I've been using a new software as well, so the instruments have better quality. Thanks! I'll check out your account too!


2015-07-22 01:05:33

right?? time freaking flies like a mofo, but what have you been listening recently that you think has been influencing you in a positive way? like i never thought i would be listening orchestral pieces all the time in my '20s lol

epiclyadept responds:

Hello! Wow, two comments already! My music taste has fluctuated throughout this time, around the time I left, I was a touhou addict. Eventually I found the orchestral remixes of some songs, and then I was blown away. From there, I began listening to many instrumental and orchestral pieces, such as Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmerman. I still listen to touhou arranges, but my palette has changed greatly in this time. Thanks for taking the time to comment, hopefully I'll be able to upload a piece today!