Great songs to check out!

2013-03-26 20:39:17 by epiclyadept

Hi people who are reading this!
I've been pretty unactive lately. I always thought of posting something, but I never got around to it until now. Too many meets, hw, projects, piano practices for upcoming recitals, and other stuff. Anyways, I thought I'd just list some songs that I recently discovered that sounded pretty good. A bunch of them are from Touhou, the game has some pretty good music.

1. Radiant radiant symphony nuclear fusion
For those of you who know who she is, this is a remix of Utusho's theme. Pretty catchy. I would recommend listening to her origanl theme first.

2. Silent Ensemble
Very interesting remix of the Prismriver Sisters theme. If you want, you could listen to the origanl theme first, but it's not majorly different.

3. Bad Apple!!!
An addicting touhou inspired song with shadow art and stuff like that. IF you have time, you should give it a listen.

4. Anything by Halcyonic Falcon X.
Pretty self explanatory.

I'll add more if I have time.



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2013-03-26 21:53:17

Thanks for the shoutout!

Oh wait.....


(But yeah, HalcyonicFalconX Rocks)

epiclyadept responds:

Thanks for the comment.
(Wow this post actually got commented on multiple times).


2013-03-26 22:37:45

Thanks for the shoutout!

epiclyadept responds:

You're welcome! The music of EBF IV is great!


2013-04-12 17:23:31

Wow! You got Phyrnna to be your fan! Skill, man, all skill.

epiclyadept responds:

Thank you!
Her music is really good, so I fanned her a long time ago. I'm still an aspiring music writer, but I know enough music theory to know how to play her songs on piano and clarinet, what key they're in, and that her music is awesome. If you want to know her better, I would suggest giving in-depth comments on her music a lot. Getting a response to a PM from HFX is incredible enough, having her as a fan makes me feel really honored.

Oh, I'm assuming you know that she wrote all the music for the EBF games, one of the most popular series on NG, but play EBF 4 if you haven't already. (Music's great.)
Thank you for commenting! (I'm still getting over the initial shock of getting a comment from a random person.)